17 December 2009

Songs of the 00s, just my list

I'm simply too far behind on the music of the decade to say anything even approaching intelligent about it. First, I don't listen to nearly enough music any more: 7 years ago we stopped commuting and the car had always been my primary listening space; and for the past 6 years we've been in attached or multi-unit housing (if you can't listen to it loud, I sometimes tend not to listen at all). Second, I don't really have much of a clue as to where and how to find good music, and especially good new music. I don't listen to the radio; there are no record stores; I don't really trust the iTunes hot lists. My sources are therefore: the gadfly, Tmcd, my dad, Ryan, and a certain employee of the president's who shall remain nameless. Were it not for those folks, I'd be completely out of luck.

But none of that is to say that I spent the decade in silence. I did listen to music, and some great music indeed. Since Tmcd already has the best albums list running, I'm just going to give a list of the most played and most loved songs, by me, this decade.

So let me be clear with that bolding from the previous sentence: I make no claims to overall greatness. This is really more personal archeology than critical review. My process simply involved digging through my iTunes library and picking out standout songs; my only rule was that I could not pick more than one song from one band (without that rule it might have all been Patty Griffin). You'll also note there are a few pop hits off of albums that probably wouldn't make any list I might draw up, but the one place I still listen to music is on the rower, so a good pop song has a serious advantage for me. Here, in no order whatsoever, is what it looks like (you'll probably have to click the image to bring up a large enough image to read):


Transient Gadfly said...

Surely this is the first of many times I will appear on a best-of list with U2.

fronesis said...

Here's another element to throw into the mix: picking the one u2 song was easy. Picking one Calculus Affair song was really, really hard.

tenaciousmcd said...

Great list. Hard to quibble w/ Patty Griffin the #1 slot. Is having both Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown a rules violation?

A few votes I'd cast, in no partic. order, off the top of my head: Bon Iver, "Skinny Love"; Beck, "Lost Cause"; Cat Power, "Could We"; TV on the Radio, "Wolf Like Me"; My Morning Jacket, "One Big Holiday"; Alejandro Escovedo, "Always a Friend"; Ryan Adams, "Come Pick Me Up"; Jenny Lewis, "Rise Up With Fists"; DBT, "Self-Destructive Zones"; and U2, "Moment of Surrender."

fronesis said...

Thanks, tmcd. A few follow-ups:
1) It wasn't my intention for the list to be ordered in any way, but it's probably no accident that Patty is on top.
2) I cheated a coupe of times: RA and Whiskeytown was one, but I also put a Wreckers song on written by Patty Griffin.
3) That Paul Cole song is not even CLOSE to being from this decade; no idea what I was thinking there.