18 June 2005

how to watch golf

some feel that golf is too boring for words, or that one can play golf and have fun but watching golf is akin to watching paint dry. others feel that one can only watch golf if one has played golf. all of these things are untrue. golf is fascinating to watch. like all sports it has inane announcers who make up verbs from nouns—always fun. plus they whisper. fun fun fun. you can also make fun of how fat all the golfers are and marvel that they are able to swing at all. one must always boo at VJ Singh, for his comments regarding Annika Sorenstam at the PGA 2003 Colonial. then there's the fashion. Tiger in robin's egg blue? the horrifying american flag sweaters the wives are forced to wear during the ryder cup? or the fact that they are all blonde? and of course there's the viewer participation. key phrases to know: "git in the hole!" "slow down...sit...sit!...slow down! grow hair!" "get there....go!....go!...grow legs!" finally, choose someone to root for and go for it. after viewing the LPGA in person one year, I decided to follow as many of the korean women I could and thus I now root for all korean golfers. Go KJ Choi!

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