17 June 2005

peer pressure

If everyone else is blogging, then I suppose I really have no choice (and yes, of course I'd jump off the cliff, that's such a poorly-formed rhetorical question—it utterly misses the point). Besides providing numerous clauses buried within dashes and parentheses (and sometimes both), it may prove hard for me to find my niche. I suppose one can expect posts on technology and ontology. Those two aren't all that different anyway, right (see Heidegger's "Essay Concerning Technology")?


Rebecca said...

my ontology is certainly distinct from any techne, dude.

Sam said...

Well, sure, but that's because you're working with a reductionist version of Aristotelian ontology, as offered to you by, if I may say so, a weak reader of the Greeks. Read through Heidegger, your ontology is really all about techne.

Liz said...

*shakes head* yay sam!