25 July 2005

birthing? the book

so the book is off my desk as of noon today!! this accounts for my lack of posting the last week (very restrained, very little procrastinating). when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's all about the light. go toward the light, man! so Duke University Press now has the manuscript in its hands, and I'll update you on the various turns this process will take. here's hoping there aren't too many.

there's relief, no euphoria yet, not a little panic and anxiety thinking about the fact that others get to read it now. others that I haven't chosen and approved of. arg. as Katie posted a few weeks ago, I think we all feel like hacks a little over 50% of the time, and we're all in mortal fear that we'll be found out. this could be the moment, no? hopefully not. as I wrote on Liz's blog a few days ago, staying in school is somehow cowardly, and so as I haven't left (current unemployment aside) it does seem like "they" will now inform me that yes, indeed, it has all been a sham, and we were kidding when you got whatever affirmation you got on a piece of paper that one time. like the PhD.

the robes are lovely, however.

bottom line: the book's off my desk! yay! hee hee.


Ruth said...


You put me to shame. I'm going to stop reading blogs now, and go straight downstairs to continue working on my article that I don't have the foggiest idea how to write...

alisa said...

i was about to type you my standard, quarterly "where are you now" email, when i remembered your blogsite. first let me say, rebecca, i don't know how you manage a blog, particularly considering your ms's birth!

hoo-rah to you!