06 August 2005

Required (Recent) Reading

There's nothing interesting or creative in my head these days, as I'm struggling to make three paper deadlines (two for publication, and one for a conference). But there's plenty out there to read:

  • John Gray's devastating critical review of Thomas Frieman's neo-liberal tract, The World is Flat. Gray annihilates Friedman's argument (and that's always fun), while teaching readers a lot along the way.
  • Paul's brilliant eponymous entry , at his newly-named blog. Can we somehow find a way to burn this information in every media member's brain?
  • An exemplary post from Matt Yglesias.
  • Apple's justified propaganda over their reinvention of the mouse. I don't have one (yet), but, of course, I want one. How could you not want one?
  • The Foundations of Political Theory 2005 Newsletter , just so you can see that I won an award. :)


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I second the Gray's article suggestion--it's a good summary of all the myriad definitions of "globalization" positive and negative, anchored in Marx and Lenin. You know an article is good when it begins by quoting the Communist Manifesto, right? Maybe I am a commie.