26 August 2005

questions / gofyniadau

As we near the impending departure for Wales I find myself forming my apprehension/excitement into question format:

  • how will I live without peanut butter?
  • how can I possibly go on without my doggie Luke?
  • will we, car enthusiasts extraordinaire, be able to stand not having a car?
  • what will my flat american accent sound like to the lilting sounds of the Welsh?
  • how will I live without Jon Stewart?

but wait—out of the blue, a bolt of lightning! I won't have to live without the Daily Show, for lo, it is in syndication on a new cable channel in the UK. Thanks L for tipping us off to this...
Perhaps I can go on. even without peanut butter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, in response to question no, 4: a very cute Welsh guy I was flirting with, slightly less than 20 years ago, told me that to the Welsh, American accents sound sexy. And there I'd been feeling all insecure due to his lovely, lovely voice....

Of course, he may just have been trying to pick me up. But at the very least then, my accent couldn't have been appalling enough to scare him off.