27 August 2005

Less Ranting, Some Clarification, and a Few Good Things

We sold our car today - a truly traumatic event. Perhaps the stress of trying to conduct such a major transaction just a few days before leaving town helps to explain my rant from a couple of days ago. (Or, perhaps I'm just not very nice.)

With no home and no car, it must be time to move to another country. Thus, in the spirit of Rebecca's list from yesterday, and in an effort to be more positive, here are a list of 'good things' so far as I can tell, about living in the UK.

  • Freeview! While we've been talking in this country for years about "high definition" television, in the UK it's already done. You can buy a little box for about £40 that lets you watch a few dozen all digital channels for free. Or, even better, for a bit more money you can buy a freeview box with a built in DVR. It's not Tivo, but it's very, very close, it's free, and the new boxes have easy transfer to computers.

  • Public Transportation! Swansea is rather remote by UK standards, and yet it's less than a 3 hour, direct train ride from London Paddington. All you London and Europe visitors should take that as a hint to visit.

  • A liberal media, if you want it. A truly conservative media, if you don't.

  • No national debate going on concerning evolution.

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