29 August 2005

what to do?

so many things have occurred in the last few days. among them:
  • we watched the last and final episode of six feet under. give me a month or so, and then I'll be able to handle blogging about its brilliance.
  • we re-watched the entire first season (including the summer season) of The OC. the last ep, about separating, sailing off into the distance, was not so good on the old psyche as we prepare to sail off on our own journey.
  • I finished reading Richard Powers' Goldbug Variations, purchased Gould's 1981 recording on iTunes, and am now set to deepen my universe.
so what to blog? Perhaps further proof (as if it was needed) of Powers' geniosity (not a word, I know, but it should be).
Jim Steadman was a regular, always late punching out. He had ostensible business: "Transfer of power, Ms. O'Deigh. Somebody's got to steer this pitiful ship." But Jimmy's nautical function was, if anything, ballast. (p. 183)

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Ruth said...

Funny -- reading the book inspired me to buy Gould's original recording -- I think 1955? It's truly gorgeous...