05 October 2005

blue sky

Cardiff: Civic Centre
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in addition to the blue sky of Cardiff last weekend (I've uploaded a few more for you, taken with a "real" camera) the sky is blue today as well, which is lovely, as they say here.

the folks at stonesthrow and at odds are one are much better at epistilary writing than I—heck, Greg wrote his dissertation on it, for god's sake. but I do have to say that I enjoy this sort of "open letter" format. it's very different from what the late 20th century considered letterwriting, and it bucks the trend toward some sort of overweening need to protect "privacy" as if we had that in the first place. (just because you're paranoid, right?) however, it does foreclose the possibility of direct responses, one-to-one. and so:

Greg: you're not a slacker. you're just happy. most of the time. not Sound of Music, twirl on the hilltops happy necessarily, but pleasantly happy. and yes, very passionate about things. standards. brunches. singing. gameshows. friends. Rick. this is fabulous and why we love you.

Paul and I will continue the general freak out for the rest of us. you may now return to your regularly scheduled rerun of the Pyramid. Maybe you'll catch the one with that guy from PA...

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sageblue said...

Ah, full of sweetness and light. Merci for the reassurances--I guess I'm paranoid in a different direction or something.

I suppose I should metablog about epistolarity and blogging at some point. I will say this though: while the blog is public, the identity of the blogger is not. OK, yes it is, but certainly not as "public" as the writer of the letter (what with addresses and other formal conventions dictated by the mode of transmission). The blog is still not as personal/private as the letter, so I would say there is still some need to protect privacy, otherwise, why wouldn't I give full names, addresses, etc. of myself on my blog or anyone else's?

And here's an argument to be had: does the lesser personal/private quality of the blog stem from the fact that anyone can read it or from the fact that no one in particular is reading it (and here we go back to audience), or are those the same thing?

And, that's it from me not on my blog:)