07 October 2005

Seriously Folks

I'm feeling rather hurt. Emery is watching Battlestar Galactica - a very legitimate choice, but not to be chosen first. Greg went to see Flightplan - unconscionable!

Trust me, just go see Serenity, if not for me, then simply because you will be glad you did afterwards.

Then, please come back here and make your apologies.


sageblue said...

Listen bitches, suck up and deal.:)

I love the Joss and all his brood, but you can't seriously expect me to put the film version of a show I never saw (fine, crucify me for that too) above a 21st century airplane disaster movie--even if the former is given your imprimatur.

You know I own the Airport "Terminal Pack" DVD.

To quote: "Seriously Folks."

Sam said...

I see your point. Really. But my argument would be this: plane disaster movies will always do well, will always exist, and Jodie Foster vehicles have a long long life-span ahead. But if Serenity fails we may all lose Joss's artistic genius. So I'm asking you to sacrifice a brief bit of personal satisfaction for the good of humanity.

How's that? :)

And don't get me wrong: Airport '77 is one of my all-tie favourites!

Number Three said...

I promise I'll see (and review) Serenity. For Sam's sake. Maybe Monday.

Transient Gadfly said...

Well, we saw it. Opening weekend, natch. We have accepted its brilliance.