14 November 2005

elevation: hilly or flat?

the first song on my ipod's "running #1" playlist is U2's elevation. I usually put the ipod on shuffle, so songs that follow vary, but the first one is always elevation. and the first part of my chosen running path is this serious uphill climb, going from our place away from the water on a sidewalk that is just this side of needing to be steps.

and so, as I get my bloodrate going by pounding up this insane slope (Sam confirms its insanity, by the way) I'm listening to elevation. and it is interesting musically in that neither the words nor the music really go "up" in any real way. Yes, there's the interval between "a" and "mole" in the chorus, repeated several times, but it's ironic that the one upward movement in the music fails to match the lyrics: "a mole, diggin in a hole, diggin up my soul now goin down excavation" primarily a downward, hole-digging lyric, no? and when you get to the denouement of the song, where the Edge is doing his thing and Bono is in falsetto it's all moving down the scale. and so my question.

elevation: hilly or flat? discuss.

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Transient Gadfly said...

Discussion point: The failure of the world to recognize the genius of my alternative lyrics to U2's "Elevation":

A Stoat
Sitting in a Boat
That's Floating in a Moat
Is learning things by rote
In conference with a goat

A German
In Church Giving a Sermon
To Cher and Uma Thurman
Who are Sitting With Baz...wait a minute, where are you going? There are 18 more verses. Don't you want to HEAR THEM ALL? DON'T YOU????