11 November 2005

in search of an axiom

yesterday, as you will recall, I posted that two boxes remained missing from our group sent from Redlands. we listed what was in the boxes, or what we thought was in there, sympathy abounded, no one got to go shopping, etc. etc. and then today, in an act that I can only describe as karmic, the boxes showed up! and my thought was that this deserves an axiom or law of its own: not the whatever can go wrong will, because that's clearly not what's happening, boxes or no boxes. but more along the lines of: as soon as you give up on something, it will appear at your doorstep. okay, okay, not the cheesy: if you love something set it free thing, but more in line with the material goods aspect of this experience. as soon as you order a replacement credit card, yours turns up in the dryer. as soon as you replace all the locks in the house, your lost keys show up in the basement. that sort of thing.

I looked for such an axiom on line and did not find one. I did find several that I find hilarious, including Huminston's Law: When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.

and I went over to Katharine's quotegeek site of yore to see if I could find anything, only to get sidetracked re-reading the quotes from My So Called Life. What a great show that was, no?

I'm happy to report that the pieces of suiting, corduroy jacket, entirety of Sam's dress shirt collection, his Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey sweater (!), the professorial-patch sexy wool sweater, several items I was sure I'd given away, and perhaps most importantly our sheepskin slippers were all there. very exciting.

and now I can stop watching for the delivery truck (o-o the wells fargo wagon is-a, comin' down the street...)


Transient Gadfly said...

Axiom: How can you get any more ironic without, like, puking?*

*note: this may not technically be an "axiom"

Sam said...

Ah, it's a sad day for me. I know it's an MSCL reference, but I can't remember who said it....(But it just must have been Brian, right?)

Transient Gadfly said...

Of course it's Brian. At the dance, after he's ditched Delia in order to go to the dance "with" Angela, and she tells him that he's heartless.

I myself have found all of my forays into more intense irony than this have led directly to regurgitative misadventures. Brian speaks wise.

H Katrina said...

I told you there was no need for insurance.