05 December 2005

life, with less reflection

blogging is about reflecting on the world around us and our participation in that world, or at least our movement through it. over the past few days I've reached the conclusion that perhaps a "less-reflected upon life" might be a better life, or at least a balance between the whole "living" thing and the "thinking" thing might be good. (see Tarn's rumination on "fallow" periods and cycles of being in the world...this has had me thinking since she posted it ages ago.)

tough for someone who ostensibly "thinks" for a career, hence the problem, but I think that I'm trying to articulate different kinds of action: action/work that involves thinking versus thinking constantly about actions one is failing, entirely, to pursue. so I'm looking to immerse myself a bit less in the minutiae of the web, planning for a nebulous future, and reflection and a bit more in, well, doing what I do and living.

sounds good from here.

PS apologies for using the phrase "being in the world" in this post. those who are now inadvertently, against their will, "thrown into" a discussion about Being, being, and ontology will please absolve me of any blame...

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