04 December 2005


Here's the 'top stories' listing from the main CNN.com homepage this morning. Is there absolutely no quality control whatsoever?

Last week they had a story about the snow and cold temperatures in Europe; they reported that temperatures fell to minus 10 Celsius, and then they said '(minus 23 Fahrenheit)'. Of course, minus 10 Celsius is actually plus 14 Fahrenheit, so they were off by almost forty degrees. I emailed them (yes, I'm that pathetic) and informed them (not necessarily politely, but not utterly rudely either) of their error. I never saw the story changed (yes, I checked).

But this thing this morning seems beyond the pale. They cannot even get the short phrase headlines correct: instead we have a major in New Orleans, and France biting people Africans. I like to check the CNN headlines, just to know what's making the agenda in somethign near the center of American journalism. Perhaps I should give up and just stick to European press.

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lef said...

okay, but see, that is funny. i didn't get that "major" meant "mayor" until the fourth read. for the first three, i was thinking your rant was they forgot the apostrophe. New Orleans' Major Urges Return. like at first after the hurricane, eveyone was worried about survival. but now they're back to uncontrollable desires to have sex and eat frozen chocolate with a spoon straight from the jar in the ice box.