19 December 2005


So we are now in the (good ol') US of A, well, at least in the northwesterly portion thereof. Still about 2 inches to the left due to soul lag (see earlier post on this). we are prepping for the U2 concert by listening to nothing but U2 all day, thereby taking the gluttonous route to enlightenment rather than the ascetic, of which I heartily approve. We have been reunited with the doggy, which is a good thing, and other than that we are lying low, recovering and prepping for U2. Oh, and there seems to be some sort of "holiday" thing. In the UK we call it "Christmas" but here there seems to be some sort of "war" on this. The etymologist in me wishes to remind the American public of the root of the word "holiday" but that would be too erudite, wouldn't it? Ah well. More reports from the front over the couple of days...

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