21 February 2006

Lyrics – Answers

I had a request for answers to my uncited lyrics from a couple of days ago. It seems our pseudonymous commentor missed his window. So, here goes.

First off, you all should have known that they were all u2 lyrics; that much was a breeze.

1. 'Until The End of the World', Achtung Baby 1991
This one was too easy, as the words themselves contain the title. One of the very best songs live, particularly of those that I've seen performed many, many times.

2. 'Stay', Zooropa 1993
Bono said this may be the best u2 song ever. I don't think I'd agree with that, but it's certainly very high up there in terms of the lyrics.

3. 'Fast Cars', HtDAAB 2004
No one would call this the greatest song ever, but I think those are very nice lines. Also, despite the fact that it was a bonus track on the CD in the UK and other places (it didn't come on the standard US version of Atomic Bomb), it ranks closer to the middle in my ratings of songs on the album - and it was played in concert once or twice. This is what made it a tough one to identify.
It's also an interesting song for two other reasons. It's the song that contains the lyric that became the title of the album. And there's an earlier version of the song called 'Xanax and Wine' (same verses, but totally different chorus and bridge) that's a real gem.


Transient Gadfly said...

I'm shocked, shocked to find out that that they were all U2. I was expecting that there was some narrative thread that was tying them all together. Other than, of course, U2-ness.

john bies said...

The first two were probably so obvious that no one responded, and the third one is known only to Apple iTunes people. What's all this talk about an anonymous poster about, anyways? Who is that?

john "john bies" bies said...

Who indeed.