19 February 2006

tea party, beans, and cream pies

and yes, I'm on the move again. way too soon. the big college art association conference, the MLA of the artists and art historians, smaller but no less horrifying.

my list of to-dos involves:
1. peets run to restock the supply (and of course to have a double small breve latte)
2. purchasing soapy goodness and deodorant sticks at Lush on Newberry street
3. spending down our Starbucks gift card from Christmas (many thanks Sam's aunt Carla!)
4. run to Apple store to purchase an iPod (because why not? isn't this what one does when in the US?)
5. lunch/dinner/drinks with friends, colleagues, potential employers, "my editor" (which is a very cool thing to say, no?)
6. find a place within walking distance of the conference that will sell me eggs and bacon for less than $10
7. chair that one panel--oh yeah.
8. interview with university (UIC)
9. attempt to not wear any black for the entire week (really: this is bucking the trend entirely. it's all about the black at these things)
10. wear my fabulous new Birkenstock knee-high boots (thanks Sam and Santa!)
11. survive the whole thing with enough energy to come back and teach. that same day.

my list of fun things I'll be doing involves:
1. seeing friends Mark & Kristin now ensconced in the Cambridge lifestyle (yay!)
2. seeing friends and colleagues
3. drinking
4. double small breve lattes

they don't do half-and-half here. it just doesn't exist. aside from peets coffee itself, it's the one food thing I miss. oh and mexican food. but won't be getting any of that in the NE...

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