24 May 2006

8 1/2 weeks

this is the number of weeks--adding everything up, not consecutive weeks--that Sam and I have been in the same place since January 1, 2006. There have been 21 weeks thus far in 2006. now we know how those 1980s yuppie couples with two high-powered jobs, traveling all over the world felt. without the thin ties, the shoulder pads and the sockless loafers.

we don't have to do the Paul and Linda McCartney thing--every moment together--but we should be doing better than 40%. well. all that ends tomorrow. now that we have jobs in the same place, two incomes (well, soon) and the professional and personal space to say 'no' to travel-like things, we have a chance to settle. stay in one place for awhile. nest. pursue unending home improvements. garden. walk the dog. or, radical: travel together. huh. interesting.

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