21 May 2006

americans are uptight

so I'm e-mailing and blogging here from the In De Waag cafe where the interwebs are free for the price of a coffee or a water or whatever. no charge. no worries. there are two terminals. I was here earlier for lunch (salad with calf's tongue, a local specialty. very yummy. mmm.) and am now here in the evening post-dinner time. post-prandial e-mailing, if you will. so I'm moved to comment that the two terminals are never beset with a waiting list. the only people in all amsterdam that e-mail are, you guessed it, americans. everyone else is too stoned, drunk, or on vacation to care. both times I've been here the other terminal has been occupied by folks from the good ol US of A. so we're a bit uptight? I better go have one of those drink thingies.

activities today:
went down south to do a walking tour (self-guided, are you kidding?) of the Amsterdam School architecture built in the early 20th c. undulating brick, very cool. will post pics once I get home. I could post them here--they have four usb ports connected to the machine--but I don't have my camera cable. gotta love the first world.

post-calf-tongue I wandered around the Niewmarkt markt--tacky cannibis t-shirts, delft tiles, hippie clothing--the usual. Then I went and did Bikram. In dutch. Awesome. I highly recommend the lone Bikram studio in amsterdam. accessible by the #4 tram, easy to find, friendly, nice facilities, reflecting pool out back so you can cool off (steam was literally coming off of my body afterward). gotta love it.

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Anonymous said...

You smell like vomitus, and it infects your sense of perception mightily!