30 May 2006

house hunting: do I smell lemon?

so. we are house hunting, and while there's some excitement involved, there's also not an insignificant amount of exhaustion, stress, etc. Particularly as we are at the utter utter limits of our budget and yet, interestingly, the more expensive you get, the worse the decor. and we're not talking a lick of paint here, we're talking (bright) red carpet, bad kitchen remodels circa 1988, and the like. so we are also looking at some smaller, less pricey places, and today we went to see a house on Cambridge Street, one of several streets in the Uplands neighborhood that feel so utterly European that you no longer feel like you're in Swansea. perhaps it's the lack of bay windows (which, in our two-day-old search process we have decided we feel are overused in Swansea architecture--perhaps another sign of becoming British: to be British is to dislike the Victorian era. and Thatcher, but that's another story). but it's the steep hill and the way the terraced houses line it, and the way the V of the houses frames the view of the distant bay.

having seen a tiny house (two up two down) on Cambridge Street today, we were thus very excited to find, on Salon's VideoDog, this parody film of the famous Sony San Francisco-set advert. It's Cambridge street in Swansea! Really! very exciting. well, for us. but we looked at one of the houses down on the left, so you can live vicariously. plus, the parody is hilarious...

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