29 May 2006

sign of the apocalypse?

egg twins
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or just really interesting genetic stuff going on? despite the fact that there are 12 yolks, we in fact used only 6 eggs to achieve this bowl-o-egg. we were a bit worried. is this like the frogs with the extra leg? is there something in the water they're not telling us about?

what are the odds?

what we didn't know is that not just these six, but every single egg I bought on Friday at the lovely deli around the corner is, or would have been, had we not eaten them, twins. (for debates on when life begins, see some other blog somewhere else.)

they weed this stuff out in the US. white eggs, one yolk each please, and none of that 'fertilisation' grossness, thanks very much. it's all very back to nature here.

or is it?

authored by Rebecca, although authorial intent, joint blog, Sam cracked the eggs, blah blah

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