26 May 2006

media misses

over at ffb, Emery is railing against the media myopia that produces endless stories about a lame horse (larger political symbolism aside) rather than, er, focusing on things that might actually be important. I see tmcd's protest here. but, I also think certain things have happened this past week that have not gotten sufficient coverage. I also find it illuminating that while a lame horse gets coverage in the US, a lame footballer gets it in the UK. similarly vapid? or similarly important? perhaps a debate for ethics class.

  • Nepal is trying to become a secular state. That could be important, especially given its recent history.

  • Kuwaiti women not only have the vote (as of last year) but now actually may get to exercise it, and may have the choice of a few female candidates as well. go first wave feminism!

  • women in the UK who have given up careers to raise children can now claim compensation for lost earnings/potential earnings when they divorce their husbands. whether a househusband can do the same is unclear from the coverage.

meanwhile, I've been sucked in to the UK's new series of Big Brother. more soon.

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But at least we natives are friendly.