05 August 2006

blog post

this therefore will not have been a blog post.*

*despite overly cute references to derrida, in no way should this text be taken as an attempt to live up to that level of thinking or writing, as that would be both mentally unlikely right now and, well, after the death of the author and all, impossible.

mimesis. is Coldplay productively appropriating U2 or performing some sort of watered-down hack copy? discuss.

jenever. are historical beverages made a few years ago historical?

inspection. if a surveyor inspects a house for a mortgage that has been canceled, will anybody hear him?

a flea-ridden cat. how many times to wash the sheets?

descaling. cleaning with vinegar. natural but smelly.

avoidance. boxes and clothes and stuff and stuff.

the eternal return.

1 comment:

Tarn said...

vinegar is also great at eating away that hard crusty stuff that collects in the ridges of dish rack pans that even bleach won't cut... or is that scale too?