05 August 2006

Night Moves

No, we're not moving at night - though we are moving - it's just that 'Night Moves' is currently playing on my new favourite radio station, Atlantic Sound Factory.
Check it out; it's what an '80s Station' ought to be (my tagline, not theirs). Oh, and say what you will about Bob Seger, but 'Night Moves' is unimpeachable.

And so, speaking of moving: this would be the 4th time we've 'moved' in the past 37 months. I put moved in inverted commas since this one is an odd one: we're moving out of our flat, but not to anywhere. Ideally, there will be a house waiting for us when we get back from our trip to the States, but if the UK home-buying process has taught us anything up to now it's that there are no guarantees.

It's also rather astonishing to see how little has amounted from our packing. We have a few small bags of clothes, 3 boxes of living room/office stuff, 1 box from the bathroom, and 3 kitchen boxes. Basically, that's it.

And finally there's the bizarre feeling that this is the big move, that perhaps we'll finally get to stop moving. And yet, A) we're only moving about a mile from here, and B) in order to move that mile we have to travel the thousands and thousands necessary to get to the states and back – leaving just so we can come back.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam - Cheers for the link! I hope you both enjoy your visit to the US, and good luck with the move :)

~John (ASF)