23 September 2006


our former student now good friend Dan has just moved from DC to LA, a seemingly small slip of the acronym and yet as we all know a long, long way away from where he grew up, many many friends, and his partner, another former student of ours now friend, Matt. Having lived away from Sam on two occasions--our first year of grad school and my dissertation research in South Asia--this is completely breaking my heart. Dan's off to grad school, a worthy goal for someone of his intellect, passion, drive, and we need more Dans out here in academic land. Matt's pursuing his art career which is nigh meteoric, intellectual, engaged, and, well, just plain luxurious and fluffy. This does not make anything easier.

Shout out to you both, from those who are also struggling with connections across vast distances and multiple timezones. Much love.



dan said...

It's Saturday night at 8:30 in LA, dinner was drawn out into an event and taken slowly, but has still been long since over, and I was just twiddling my thumbs in my room. I ordered my MacBook today (yay!) but it will have to wait until they restock at the campus store, so I popped over to the computer lab to check in on the internets and found just what I needed -- you're very sweet, and this meant a lot. I bet you both understand quite well that distance can be messy and trying. I start classes next Thursday, so here's hoping that it all pays off. Hugs.

matt said...

thanks for the support rebecca!

i will say that blogs, phones & video iChatting (as soon as Dan gets his laptop) make the distance seem somewhat lessened.

and our wide web of family & friends stretches between us and fills in the empty space in the best way...