22 September 2006

too much to blog

it's not a case of not having anything to blog about--in fact, quite the opposite. we are moving in to the house, supervising/helping our handyman, attending meetings in the department, running back and forth to meet delivery people (who fail to show up), doing prep for courses, desperately trying to finish book chapters/talks/writing commitments, and all the rest. In short, normal life, except with the whole move thing thrown in.

we've always wondered at real people with real jobs who end one job, move, and then take up the new job the next day. we thought that perhaps because their corporate boss had a special moving company come and do everything for them that it was easier somehow. or perhaps real people all have wives who can stay home and meet the delivery folks, unpack, clean, choose paint colors etc. we often comment to one another that we need a wife. it would help us out a lot. but we don't have one (sigh) and so we scramble a bit.

so apologies for the hiatus. we'll be back on track soon. topics to come:

rubber bands, the Royal Mail, and prankster art
statistical and personality-based analysis of the sofa market: are you mushy, or firm?
car-free living: less hassle? more hassle?
do dogs speak in different dialects?
are we normal?


Jack said...

As for the last question: You are most assuredly not normal.

Tarn said...

I thought we were the only ones who wished to have a wife!