01 October 2006

cinema! yay!

Swansea now has a real live movie theatre, or cinema as they say. the existing cinema was built in the '80s back when they were trying to make something so that 'the kids' would have a place to go. remember FunPlex? that only less cool. see my post on it here.

the new vue cinemas is not exactly super-mature, but it does have some fancy lighting, a bar, a ben & jerry's and both sweet and the odd delicacy of salted popcorn. apparently popcorn with salt is an odd thing here in the UK. learn something new every day.

this weekend was opening weekend, and in the spirit of 'being part of the problem' we went to see Children of Men for the opening weekend price of £2.50. Very exciting. they were giving away free popcorn, but apparently they were unprepared for the cleanup that inevitably caused. it was mobbed with kids and parents. none of whom were seeing our film (der.)

on the film, I had some deep thoughts about the way our society has as its goal/end/justification 'the children' and so once that's gone and is replaced with a true telos--the end of the human race--it suddenly reveals the fallacy of living for the children. shouldn't one live life for its own sake? say, enjoy it? learn from it? grow? the culture of life, as it were, is really the culture of someone else's life--the offspring's--not yours. the film suggested to me (and was this its point? I think not really) that perhaps instead of living for the next generation one should, well, um, live. hedonistic? selfish? I don't know. I don't think so. hm.

a thought. oh. and clive owen. hottie mchot-hot.

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