06 October 2006

the post

as the postman (for in our neighbourhood he's a guy) walks his route he delivers the post to each house, discarding rubber bands along the way. these sit on the pavement for however long they do, until they're washed into the sewage system or used by some bird to rubber (not feather) its nest. and so an artist I met in London a few weeks back has decided to collect these rubber bands, make them into balls, and display them. he was called by other artists in the group a 'prankster artist' but I'm not sure that does justice to his projects. he negotiated for three months with various authorities to re-aim the guns on the HMS Belfast to point at his mother's house in Watford, for example. sadly it fell through at the last minute. many layers there. much like a rubber band ball. so I am collecting these bands to make my own ball to send him. here's his link: http://www.dedomenici.co.uk/.

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