07 October 2006

which one is the sign?

occasionally I become overly disturbed at the news. I then must stop looking at it for awhile. and the newsreaders are lovely to catch you back up in an unintrusive, easy manner. I have discovered two things. one: Firefox is awesome, totally customisable with pretty themes and extensions that include my number two: the Sage extension, a very workable, 'everything you want and nothing you don't' blog-and-newsreader. So, go get it.

But then when you do, one of the things to be aware of is the coalescence of headlines in disturbing combinations. sometimes, as with today, it truly looks like the end of the world. are the shots fired in Korea going to be the beginning of the end? or the rise of the British Independent party, heaven forfend. all too often it's like this. on campus, our international students are having to attend 5-minute registration sessions with the local police. perhaps normal. perhaps nothing new. perhaps a sign of things to come. who knows?

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