21 April 2007

April is here!

April in Showroom
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After much stress, research, worry, and oikos-time, we have finally purchased a vehicle in which to explore surrounding area and about which to spend some of our day-to-day worry allotment. And we are very excited.

April--because she is the colour of spring (silk green, aka Martha Stewart green), quiet and yet strong, and oh yeah, we bought her in April the month. A Mini One, 2002 vintage. For the first time ever, having purchased several new cars in our time and several cars much more expensive than this one, the dealer took the time and care to (1) have the car ready for us when we arrived (2) have it fully detailed and (3) put it on the showroom floor, replacing the brand new (as in last week) Mini Cooper D normally occupying this spot. Very well done and much appreciated. Contrast with the new Golf R32 we purchased which they barely washed and then had a door-ding in it when they pulled it around. Nice.

Pics of April in showroom and at home on flickr...now it's on to the inevitable upgrades, right?


rpf1 said...

This is weird -- I left a comment here this morning, but it isn't showing up.

The essence of it: love the silk green -- always have. A Mini One? You'll need to do some performance upgrades! (Although, after waking for 2 years, it's bound to feel fast...)

fronesis said...

It's a LONG story, but the bottom line is that we could ONLY buy a One; they wouldn't insure us for a Cooper or an MCS.

The good news is that one can get more HP out of a One than out of a Cooper, and one can do so very easily.

But this leads to a bit of a dilemma: upgrade the One (whom we already love) or wait about 6 months when we will be able to get ourselves into a Cooper Diesel, a 118d, and maybe a MCS or 120d???

Jack said...

I see that you finally resolved your "difficult" choices and bought a beautiful car. Very nice. I look forward to getting a ride some day.

I see that this purchase has also moved you once again into car frenzy mode. Nice to know that some things stay the same...