22 April 2007

bokashi bokashi des ne

in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste we are generating, we have invested in a lovely compost-like system that breaks down all of your food waste (including meat etc.) and is designed for folks with no garden at all. we have a garden, but we are lazy. so our plan is to try this thing out--you put food in, sprinkle on this magic powdery stuff which has an exotic Japanese name (bokashi bran) and contains EM-powered nutrient stuff (technical biological term here), which instead of speeding decomposition of the food in fact ferments the waste. which means not as smelly. we just put our veggie discards, cooked foods, raw foods, and the lot in, toss in a handful of "Bokashi Bran!" (which must always be accompanied by one saying in heroic tones: Bokashi Bran!) and then repeat until the bin is full. let it sit for a couple of weeks, and then we have 3 options: dig it into our soil (yeah right--as if we have the energy to do that. hello, that takes effort!), pitch it into the garden waste at the tip (not sure they'll let us do that), or toss it into a biodegradable bag and put it out with the rubbish (less environmentally correct, but it will break down quicker than just tossing those egg shells out normally, right?)

Pretty cool. We'll report on our progress.


Anonymous said...

I received my
for christmas excellent fun, and really easy to do

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you've discovered Bokashi!
But no matter how lazy you are -- don't toss it out with the rubbish. Get yourself a beer and just dig a bit of a hole, it only takes 5 minutes and you'll be glad you did. If you've got really hard ground it will get softer and juicier quite soon, you can even use the same spot in the ground if you want. Or give it to the next door neighbour if they're a gardener, they'll love you for it once they figure out what it is!
The really important thing is that you get it back into the soil, that's where food waste belongs. Just like in all the other recycling where you put out old glass to become new glass, old metal to become new metal, old paper to become new. It's the same with food, old food should become new food. Even if you're not going to grow anything yourself you can still do your bit by storing it in the soil instead of at a landfill where it has no value and only produces greenhouse gases.
Sorry, long speech. But Bokashi is just great and its so fun you've discovered it!
Enjoy the beer!