01 July 2007


not the best week to be in Britain, this past week. what with car bombing attempts in the west end (er, not too far from a flat I'm attempting to rent for a week or two mid-August, er, may indeed have to rethink that one), floods up north, and then oh yeah the whole flaming gasoline/kerosene filled vehicle airport bombing attempt at Glasgow.

I am oddly and utterly fictionally calmed by having watched the entirety of series 5 of spooks over the last few weeks. I know Adam Carter can save us. I know he's on the job. despite the fact that he's utterly having the breakdown because of his wife's death and being tortured by his best childhood friend that one time in Serbia and all the rest...I know he can save us. oh yes, and despite the fact that he's, well, a television character. works for folks in the US with Jack Bauer, right? (only Adam is so cuter and hotter and smarter. y'all must see spooks. all y'all.)

In the US it's called MI-5, runs on A&E, available on DVD under that name as well....

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fronesis said...

Just to clarify for everyone: she thinks Adam can save us precisely because she thinks he is very, very hot - which, for many of you may be a good reason to watch the show. Myself, I prefer the early seasons of Spooks, and I thought Tom was, perhaps not hotter, but definitely more attractive overall than Adam.