02 July 2007

what I've been waiting for

FFB has posted about running a few times over the past week or so--they are much more serious about the running than I, but I am very excited about the gmaps pedometer they have linked to today. While it doesn't work so well if you run on an un-mapped trail (as I do, which is awesome), it does give a sense of length *and* allows you to map out routes in new cities/areas you might be visiting. Well, that is if you are in the US, Japan, China, or the UK. Still--very cool.

This pic is our running route when we lived in London for a month or so ages ago. pre-9/11, if you can believe that. I know! I thought nothing happened before then too!!

And a route I ran with a friend in SF last time I was there...

technology is cool.

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