06 September 2007


'is the only wine that may be served with any course and at all times during the meal'.* Hear hear.

I have this week received a cheque (stoked!) for £300ish from Oxford University Press (woo woo!) in payment for writing four entries in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Modern World. This included the aforeblogged entry 'Art--Overview' in which I cover the entirety of Art for the World since 1750 in 2000 words.

And on some old advice from a dear friend, I'm thinking that rather than deposit it and add it to the ol' bank balance, for it to disappear and meld together with other pluses and minuses, I should instead buy something cool. but what to buy?

Option A: Art (appropriate). Could buy a print from a Pakistani artist I met here in Swansea last year.
Option B: Rug. always love the rugs. sort of wish for my house to look like those orientalist tents in 1920s-50s Arabian-set films, piled with carpets.
Option C: comfy reading chair for the upstairs 'library' currently unpopulated with furniture of use.
Option D: rockstar leather trousers (this was what aforementioned friend suggested back when, and it is still on the table)
Option E: New iPod Touch. Because you know you want one. with exchange rates I could buy two. Hm. who would want the other one though? I can't think of anyone. huh.
Option F: trip to ?? for weekend.

Thoughts? I can report back on my capitalist indulgence. Until then I can drink champagne throughout the meal. huzzah.

*from: Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender's Guide, compiled and edited for Old Mr. Boston by Leo Cotton in Collaboration with Old Time Boston Bartenders. Boston: Mr. Boston Distiller, Inc., 1955 (original printing 1935). For more click here...


sageblue said...

Chair. Comfy. Always remind you of this good fortune. Appropriate.

I'm angling for a chaise longue for my office when I re-do it on the 15th of Never.

sageblue said...

by the way, let me know what you think of Elephant.