01 September 2007


my expectation is that spiders come into the house after the summer, as the season changes into fall and then into winter. it seems Britain's lack of a summer has confused said 8-legged friends and thus there are many of them inside the house as I type. but is it a bad sign that there's one that's set up shop across the shower/bath? is the universe telling me I should bathe more often? hm. once a week whether ya need it or not.


Transient Gadfly said...

We've found several giant house spiders inside since we've been back. Suffice to say that mrs. t.g. does not enjoy them. At all.

Daniel said...

Matt was scarred for life by Arachnophobia (the movie, not the phobia...but then the phobia), and spiders in the shower are his biggest fear. I find them icky, but sometimes like thinking about how they're cleaning up other less visible grossies. I'm so with you on the infrequent shower thing, though I won't admit it, just in case you were totally joking. Sometimes I think people are too obsessed with showers. And deodorant, actually, but TMI.

tekne said...

yes. I mean seriously. once a day? that's ludicrous. more than that? ocd. for sure.