09 September 2007

new walk

It has not rained in Swansea in two weeks. in fact, it's been mostly beautiful the entire time since I returned from London--a bit overcast in the morning and then clearing up to gorgeous sun in the afternoon. Not too hot, clear fresh air, lovely. Luke and I have developed a new walk in celebration of the weather. we had discovered the path earlier but that time it had rained (a lot) and thus is was more of a slog through mud than a walk per se. without the water it is a lovely walk. and I can report two things: 1. it is blackberry season. lots of berries hanging from spiky viney things into the path. this is fun. it's like an instant, on-demand snack. how cool is that? 2. people litter. this is odd to me. wonderful walky blackberryness and you drop your litter on the path? wha? and what possessed you to be drinking a Lucozade orange drink in the first place? or eating a monster bag of M&Ms while walking, when blackberries are right there, and if you eat them fast enough they too melt in your mouth and not on your hands? sometimes, i imagine, one accidentally drops things. this happens. but how about picking things up? less accidental. more planning involved there. so Luke and I do. two or three things. and the poop of course.

PS: where do horses get off not picking up, when dogs can be fined? what's that about? and the former's droppings are, well, quite a bit larger than the latter's. not cool.

PPS: how cool is it that I have a path with horses on it 3 blocks from my house? too cool.


Transient Gadfly said...

Yobs, dude. Yobs are all about the Lucozade. And littering.

Tarn said...

well I suppose the argument for horses could be that they are vegetarian and therefore horse poop should contain less parasitic/biologically virulent waste than a dog's. but then again, poop is afterall poop.