19 January 2008

10 Things I've done that you probably haven't

Got the idea from Stonesthrow, so here goes:

  1. Organised and led an sleep-over in the Natural History Museum in Denver. For 500 Girl Scouts. With live snakes.
  2. Been vigorously scrubbed (while naked) by an elderly Japanese woman at a public bath in Kyoto, having demonstrated my utter incompetence in the practice of public bathing.
  3. Seen a dead body at the side of the Jumna river behind the Taj Mahal. Good times.
  4. Been introduced as an honoured guest to a conference in Bangladesh. with the PM in the room. in Bangla. ick on many levels.
  5. Seen the Sistine ceiling at 1 foot distance. (Refrained from touching it, sadly.)
  6. Mounted this 19th century shadow puppet on plexiglass and carefully coloured each tiny thread to match the object.
  7. Met Hiroshi Hara and heard him discuss this project of his before it was completed, and asked a question. Was invited to return any time.
  8. Wrote lyrics to 'And then I Read Foucault', as well as several other political theorist anthems.
  9. Sang solo at Boettcher Concert Hall.
  10. Drove on the 10 from Santa Monica to Claremont seeing only half a dozen other cars.

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